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How to become greener as a Westminster Business

Westminster is home to some of the highest pollution levels in the country. As such, the borough has been designation pockets of areas within which special measures have been introduced in order to better control and minimise the pollution concentration. Air quality and preserving our environment is a topic that has been high up on the Government’s agenda for some time, but the question is, how can we go about “doing our bit”? Do you want to save your business substantial amounts of money by engaging in green practices and becoming more sustainable?

In Addition to saving your business money, your business can receive a formal accreditation (please see below for further info) that recognises your efforts towards engaging in responsible business and operating in a more environmentally friendly way.

What are Westminster City Council doing to make the borough greener?

Below are just some examples of how the Council are taking steps to become greener as a borough.

  • For businesses in Westminster who can demonstrate that they have taken active measures to operate in a more environmentally friendly way, Westminster City Council will award businesses for their efforts to do business more responsibly. In order to be put forward for the accreditation, you must complete an application and submit it to us.
    Please click on the link below if you wish to apply.

  • The City Council considers all requests from cyclists, residents and local businesses for the implementation of Cycle stands on the street near to an existing or new workplaces. For more information and to suggest any new locations please contact

  • In 2018/19 the City Council will be seeking to work with a small and trial number of local businesses, freight and logistics companies and Transport for London to determine the viability of implementing modest changes to the kerbside that assist the deliveries of goods and services to local businesses outside of the West End Partnership area.
    Given that many residents live centrally and often above the ground floor of many shops, companies, visitor attractions, education establishments etc the development of ‘overnight delivery’ schemes will not be pursued but there is prospect to amend the evening and early morning ‘Shoulder hours’ of permitted delivery times at some locations.
    For more information regarding this new project please contact

  • A government programme that incentivises the use of renewable and low-carbon electricity generated technologies. The scheme is available to businesses and households who have installed or are looking to install the following technology types: Solar photovoltaic (solar PV); Wind; Micro combined heat and power (CHP); Hydro; and anaerobic digestion (AD).
    FIT payments are made by your energy supplier from the date you become eligible for the scheme.

  • Extending the diesel surcharge on pay and display parking across the city to prevent diesel vehicles from adding to the pollution within Westminster. This has already been trialled within the Marylebone LEN and evidence from this pilot revealed a 14% reduction in the total number of most polluting vehicles present within the borough as a result of this surcharge.

  • Westminster parking permits currently costs £145 a year. To encourage the adoption of lower emission vehicles amongst residents, we offer a discount to vehicles with smaller engines where permits cost £103 per annum. Ultra-low emission vehicles receive free permits.

  • Westminster has the largest electric vehicle charging network in the UK. We have pioneered the installation of different types of charging, including lamp column chargers. We are also going to work with developers and businesses who operate sites like fuelling stations to encourage further the installation of a much more extensive charging infrastructure across the city.

  • We have introduced a range of policies to minimise emissions from new developments and construction sites. This ranges from enforcing the Mayor of London’s new policy on emissions from construction equipment, to requiring all developers to sign up to a stringent Code of Construction Practice to manage their own emissions effectively. We will work with the heritage and planning sectors to see how we can make retrofitting property more affordable. We will use licencing and planning enforcement powers to discourage wood burning and, where appropriate, force the removal of dirty generators.

What initiatives, funding opportunities or support organisations exist that you can get involved in as a business to become greener?


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